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I can't remember a time that I didn't have a camera in my hand...from my pre-teen years using a Pocket Instamatic 110 with a Magicube flash to my first entry-level SLR as I graduated from college...I continuously documented my family and friend's activities, celebrations, and milestones. My love for photography continued as I roamed through life and chronicled my own adventures; trips and vacations, the marriage and experiences I share with my wonderful and handsome husband, and the births and journeys of my two amazing boys. I finally bought my first professional camera about 15 years ago and began a business that I absolutely love! Nothing makes me happier than to see the smiles (and even tears!) on my client's faces when they see their moments, memories, and milestones captured forever!

I am a lifestyle and portrait photographer specializing in senior portraits, family portraits, and professional head shots.  Web site photography and special events are also a large part of my portfolio.  I strive to capture the "true personality" of my subjects and am always looking for that special "off moment" or "in between" shot that captures the spirt of the individual. 


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